Freelancer. Marketing Nerd. Writer.

Welcome to the About Us page.

These types of pages are usually a substantially large slab of text around how incredibly awesome ‘I’ or ‘we’ are, maybe some self-congratulating statements around past projects and a large picture of all the overly-happy people that work in the office (although more likely a small group of the best-looking co-workers).

At least we can tick off the ridiculous picture (see above), and I am just going to assume that my awesomeness can be assumed from this site (right?). So, I am going to take this opportunity to give a little information about what I am hoping to achieve.

I want to undertake two key roles:


The primary purpose of this site is to act as a hub for ideas around the areas which I find fascinating. Everything from influencer marketing to social media and content writing. Not only do I consistently blog on here around those topics, but I also tap into some of the legends of business and marketing with guest posts, interviews and case studies.


Broadcast is boring. The reason I love working on this site, publishing across the web and getting involved in conversations is because I feed off the passion and expertise of others in the space. Sparking a conversation around a new and interesting subject is pure professional bliss to me.

But let’s not BS. Of-course another key reason for this site is to open up channels for potentially awesome opportunities to come my way. I always love to hear about new and exciting projects that are going on and how I can help, support, get involved or lead in these areas.

My communication channels are always open and I always want to hear from you, whether it is regarding your opinions on a blog post, an idea for collaboration or a cool new opportunity you think we could work on.

Social is always good – but here is my direct email: