In this blog post we are going to explore a few ideas on getting that holy grail of converting website visitors to customers, by making that small but massively important call to action (CTA) button more appealing to click.

So, just click here for the rest of this fascinating and life changing article…..


…it was worth a try.

It’s difficult, right? You get a whole of host visitors to your website but without them signing up/buying now/contacting you it’s all together a worthless act. Let’s make this clear – THE point of a company website is to get visitors to do something that sets them on their journey to becoming a valued customer.

Owain’s Top Tips for Getting Clicks

Start with the Basics

Ok, a few basics here.

The CTA HAS to be prominent, no scrolling should be necessary, however it should also fit with your brand values and website. For example, if you own a business selling bespoke perfumes to affluent women, a massive red flashing button with arrows pointing to it isn’t going to work here. Similarly if you sell discount widgets in the tool trade and you have a loud brand, your CTA button needs to stand out from the noise.

So, no right answers here, it’s all about getting the right fit with your brand, but you should consider:

  • Size
  • Colour 
  • Font size
  • Location on website
  • Where the button takes you

So onto some more advanced tip…

People are Lazy…

‘Sign Up’, ‘Submit’ and ‘Contact Us’ just aren’t going to cut it in a competitive business environment any more. What do you notice about those three phrases? They are all asking the customer to do something, two things to note here:

1. Your customers aren’t stupid – they know you are selling them something and they are often hyper aware of this, if not subconsciously wary.

2. Humans are inherently lazy, they don’t want to fill out a form, or spend their money…they want something for nothing (or at least very little).

So, why aren’t we telling our customers what they are getting out of the deal here?

How about ‘Get Your Free eBook’ or ‘Get Your Discount Now’.


Check out the example from AirBnB above, they want you to host, you want to earn….

Lets Get Personal

We’ve decided that the button should get the customers mind racing with possibilities, to a point where they are shaking with excitement when they click…but lets let’s consider some phycology here (probably worth pointing out here that I am no expert, but I did once read a book, so we will just go with it).

People don’t like being told what to do, so our examples above are a little demanding – sure you read it back in an excited and friendly manner when you write, but tone of voice is very difficult to direct on the web, your customer can just as easily read this as a strict command. So why not get into their heads? I’m not talking Darren Brown feats here, but lets change one little word:

‘Get My Free eBook’…’Get Me My Discount’

Show ME my

Changing ‘your’ to ‘my’ makes it a lot more difficult to read the statement as a command or negative.

People are Still Lazy….

Result, they’ve clicked!

Now all they need to do is type in is their title, first name, second name, job title, company, industry, email address, office phone, mobile number, office address, what they are interested in talking to you about, your managers name, favorite colour, whether you are a vegan and what their opinion on the geopolitical landscape is.

I hope you already get my point here, making it easier for them to fill out the details you want means you are more likely to get them. Really think about what information you need here to take the next step, but also consider what they will be willing to share. For example, if I am not that turned on by your product, I am unlikely to want to share my card details for a ‘free’ trial.

Think Outside the Box

Ok, so let’s get creative…really think about what your customer wants. Your customers aren’t visiting your site to ‘buy’ your product, they aren’t there to ‘sign-up’ they aren’t even really there for a ‘free trial’.

They want to ‘Get Sexy’, ‘Look Awesome’ or ‘Fast Track Your Career’.

As long as your call to action is backed by the facts and relevant information in the copy, why not have your CTA button as the ultimate result of them doing business for you?

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