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Speaking Engagements


When planning events or webinars, it can be a challenge to find participants that are both knowledgeable, relatable and energetic in their delivery. Finding the right person can mean the difference between a successful and engaging event or a flop.

Respected in the influencer, social and digital marketing space. Owain is an excellent addition to any event, panel or webinar. Bringing an energetic, practical and passionate element to discussions around the latest trends in digital marketing.

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Writing & Thought Leadership


Sometimes marketers and business owners can get stuck in a loop of posting repetitive content on their website. Getting a respected and fresh perspective on your content marketing can be an excellent way to boost engagement and reposition your brand, event or organisation as leaders in the industry.

Not only does Owain write extensively about influencer, social and content marketing here on But he also guest posts on a range of leading websites both in industry and across popular media. This ranges from short columns on opinions and thoughts on the latest trends in the industry through to extensive industry leading whitepapers.

Some examples of thought leadership produced or contributed to by Owain includes:

WHITEPAPER: The Definitive Practical Guide to Influencer Relationship Management

We Need to Talk About Paying Influencers

Influencer Marketing isn’t just for big businesses

Can small businesses make a big impact with influencers?

Owain is also the founder and manager of the popular Micro-Influencer Marketing group on LinkedIn where he builds discussions around the topic and leverages the audience to build momentum behind thought leadership and key events.



Whether a start-up or an established organisation, sometimes businesses need a little external help to get them through certain challenges or increase their market share.

Owain has extensive experience in helping businesses tackle these challenges head-on with a practical and involved approach. His experience spans across various businesses from influencer marketing SaaS providers through to agencies and app developers. Broadly speaking Owain can help you:

  • Define and understand your audience and where their attention is
  • Outline strategies on how to reach that audience through key marketing tools including content, social and influencer marketing
  • Deliver on aspects of the strategy including expert content writing, social media management & influencer marketing execution

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Love what you have seen and heard from Owain? Did you know he is currently in the process of launching a new, fresh agency in the social, influencer and content marketing space?

The goal of this new agency is to challenge businesses on the way they market. We will do this by helping them think outside the box and really understand where their customers’ attention is. The agency provides all the tools you need to reach those audiences in the way you need.

The agency brand is currently under development and website will be launching later in the year – watch this space.