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Influencer Marketing Consultancy


Influencer Marketing is certainly the buzz word of the moment. But the smart marketer knows that this isn’t just a phase of popularity. As consumer trust in brands continues to fall, resulting in the rise of the ad-blockers, getting compelling and on brand messages to customers has become increasingly difficult.

Enter Influencer Marketing, going directly to your customer with native content.

The benefits of this powerful tool go far beyond simply ducking your marketing message below the ad-blocker radar. Influencers bring a lot to the table, they are battle proven experts in creating compelling content that engages with an audience of your potential customers.

Most importantly, yet commonly over looked is the fact that Influencers hold influence over their audience. Acting as a trusted voice, real recommendations of your brand are much more likely to be engaged with than a simple paid advert.

“Your brand thinks that your products and services are the best thing in the world? Customer just don’t buy into self-congratulating marketing anymore”

Owain Williams (The Definitive Practical Guide to Influencer Relationship Management)

I have worked both with agencies and directly with brands to consult and deliver on influencer marketing strategies. This has included everything from beach towels to sports supplements all the way through to luxury hotels and book launches. Calling upon both my theoretical understanding and practical experience to tailor each campaign to support in achieving overarching business goals.

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Writing & Content Marketing


As you can probably tell from the blog section of this website, I ruddy love writing.

I have worked with a number of businesses, bloggers and experts to support them in their writing and content creation. This has spanned across everything from white papers and published articles to blogs and online articles and in every space from influencer marketing and business to travel and health & fitness.

To compliment my writing, I have also supported in content strategy, helping them identify the questions that their customers or industry are asking. I have also worked with them to identify where the attention is and how to tap into it. This has proved beneficial, as not only do you get expert content but it is then represented and distributed in the best way, leveraging and amplifying the benefits.

Whatever your written content requirement I can help you out, whether it is a one-off blog post or a retainer to fulfil your ongoing content needs.

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Social Media   


Having an awesome brand, product or service is pointless if nobody knows about it. Often in combination with other areas of expertise I have experience in helping businesses promote themselves through a series of proven social media techniques. This includes both the ongoing management of social media channels, the delivery of expert content and implementation of paid social media advertising to boost and increase the each of marketing activities.

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Business Promotion  


If you are a digital marketing focused business, whether that is a platform, agency or consultancy I can get you right in front of your audience. Over a number of years, I have built engaged and focused audiences around these specific areas of expertise.

I have worked with businesses to both define and create a strong message either around a specific campaign, to create a position of thought leadership or simply to increase brand awareness. These messages have then been communicated to a number of specific audiences including:

I always work with businesses to create a message that I know will bring value to my audience and will not post about anything that I do not believe is suitable.


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