It actually amazes me how slow brands and influencer can be catching onto a new feature on social media apps, especially Instagram. Or perhaps I should re-phrase that to ‘the potential of new features on social media apps’.

Anyone remember when Instagram stories came out and we saw endless re-posts of the same images that we could find in a brand’s feed? Instagram gave us all a big fat clue when when they released STORIES, yet we still have some way to go to see brands and influencers producing compelling stories to get us engaged with their content/product/service.

With this in mind I am shocked to see that neither brands nor influencers have embraced the new Galleries feature available on Instagram to engage their followers further. Obviously the clue it not in the actual name this time, but it should be pretty obvious that these sliders should be used to tell stories.

So far I have primarily seen brands using Galleries to showcase multiple products, or if we are really lucky to showcase the same product in multiple colours *yawns*.

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I have seen more than one influencer use the Galleries function to post the same cup of coffee from multiple angles almost like they are saying “I can’t even be bothered to pick the best one” and even in one case I have seen the same image over and over again…i’m not even going to comment on that.

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 14.38.16

Clearly there is a need to take it back to basics, so here is a quick blueprint on how to lay out Instagram Galleries like a pro:

Image 1: Provoke

Just like any advert if you don’t grab the readers attention immediately, you’re dead.

The first image needs to grab attention and it needs to generate curiosity. It is good to remember that people are fundamentally lazy and ask yourself “what would provoke someone to stop scrolling down and start scrolling right on my image?”

Obviously this post needs to be relevant to your product/service, you don’t want people to scroll right and be immediately turned off at the random detour from the original subject!

Image 2: Educate

Use the second image, or indeed the next few images to educate your audience. Ask yourself what does your product/service solve for people? Is it a problem they know about or do you need to show them?

By educating the reader about the issue you are priming them for the next image…

Image 3: Demonstrate

Hit them with the product/service. It is of paramount importance that this slide shows how your product solves the problem highlighted previously.

Image 4: Make It F*cking Obvious

Let me say this again…people…are…lazy. Use the last slide to highlight EXACTLY what you want them to do…visit your shop…call you…subscribe to your blog etc.

So now we have our gallery outlined, but where the creativity comes in is linking of these slides into one story in order to keep the viewer engaged all the way through.

I would love to hear/see if you have used the Instagram slider to good effect. Please do hit me up on the contact page!


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