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Podghazi: Instagram influencers use comment collusion to game the algorithm

In my opinion, this is one of the most interesting trends in influencer marketing at the moment. The creation of ‘pods’ of influencers that comment on each others (usually sponsored) posts to boost their engagement. This is a bit of a two headed beast, on one side this is falsifying engagement ratings and often leads to completely none relevant influencers commenting on posts that are of no interest to them. Yet, on the other hand, carefully considered pods of highly relevant influencers can lead to a boost for a post in the right areas.

Thanks to Philip Brown for sharing this on LinkedIn.

You can read the Digiday article here. 

Micro-Influencer Marketing Group Top Share – Jeremy Guevara

In every edition of industry updates we will also include the top share/discussion from the Micro-Influencer Marketing Group on LinkedIn. This editions top share comes from Jeremy Guevara, who shared AdWeek’s look at How Brands Can Mitigate Influencer Marketing Risks.

You can read the article and join the discussion here. 

Traackr & Technology

Co-authored by Mark Schaefer, last month Traackr released a new white paper highlighting the 6 key shifts in influencers marketing, specifically in the B2B Technology space. Having read this paper, I would argue that many of these shifts are actually happening across the influencer marketing landscape and fundamentally can be applied to many B2B sectors.

The most interesting section in the paper is the leading point on “EMERGENCE OF MICRO-INFLUENCERS AND THEIR ROLE VIS-A-VIS MACRO-INFLUENCERS”. This section highlights the need for technology business to identify micro-influencers and small groups of influential people to build long term and integrated relationships with. They also highlight the importance of integrating influencers with subject area experts within the business to tap into new trends and knowledge as well as maintaining a more substantial relationship.

You can download the white paper here. 

Earned, Paid, Owned – Philip Brown

I have and continue to learn a lot about influencer marketing from Philip Brown. Not only are his articles a great insight into influencer marketing from the frontline, but his willingness to share expertise and contribute to the community is awesome. And that is why you will often find links from this blog to his content.

In this article Philip takes a look at how businesses can and should integrate influencer marketing not only into their paid media but also into their owned and earned media strategies.

As always Philip keeps it to the point and you can learn a lot in a short amount of time.

Read Philip’s latest article here.

Jake Ludington Interview – The Influence Marketer

Tom Augenthaler is another one of those go-to guys when it comes to influencer marketing, I originally ‘found’ Tom adding lots of value to some of the answers I was giving around influencer marketing on Quora.

It isn’t strange that most influencer marketing businesses, consultants, providers etc focus in on the client (brand) and how they can help them. This often leads to much content being put together around what the client wants/thinks/feels. Yet I can’t be the only one who finds one of the key difficulties in influencer marketing is actually getting influencers to engage (if the amount of complaining on LinkedIn is anything to go by, I doubt I am alone). So why is it so rare we hear from the influencers themselves and ask how and why they choose to work with brands?

Tom has done just this in his interview with Jake Ludington, which you can read here. 

 Stop Calling The Use of Celebrities “Influencer Marketing” – Huffpost

“Think about it. Would you rather buy a product because someone like you used it and enjoyed it, or because someone famous posted an image and two sentence captions on their Instagram about it? The buck stops here: Influencer marketing and celebrity endorsements are two very different marketing avenues and should be treated as such.”

Not sure I need to say much else…it is worth a read. 

Bloggers and Brands – Every1

Another great piece of content taking a look at influencers opinions is this white paper from Every1. Having interviewed 300 influencers, this paper gives a great insight into how and why they look to work with specific brands. One of the most interesting aspects of this report is the look at the pros/cons of working directly with brands and how this differs to agencies.

You can download the full whitepaper here. 


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