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One of the most common questions I get asked is ‘what influencer marketing software and tools are available to help me?’, which usually then leads to me spending a couple of hours researching and remembering all the great tools out there and their individual benefits.

But ‘NO MORE’ I say, so I have put together this directory to help those asking or those answering a similar question to find the information in a quick and concise way.

Below is a list of influencer marketing software solutions available to help, unbiased and alphabetically organised.

If you need independent and unbiased advice on which influencer marketing platform is best for you, ping me an email on owain@ojawilliams.com

Activate by Bloglovin’


At Bloglovin’, we connect 10M+ users with their favorite influencers, help influencers reach a wider audience through our media platform, and partner with brands through Activate by Bloglovin’–the world’s leading influencer marketing platform, with access to 800K+ registered influencers and over 1BN in opt-in verified reach across blogs and social platforms.

Brand and agency partners come to Bloglovin’ to identify the right influencers for their brand, create scalable custom content campaigns across influencers’ blogs and social channels, and manage and measure these campaigns every step of the way. We partner with many of the world’s most respected brands and agencies on influencer marketing campaigns, including Burberry, Campbell’s, Dolce&Gabbana Fragrances, Gucci, H&M, NARS, Post Foods, and Tom’s of Maine.

Key Points

  • Largest opt-in influencer network, with access to over 800K registered influencers (we do not scrape influencer data!)
  • End to end influencer marketing platform that spans influencer discovery and activation, campaign execution,real-time measurement and analytics
  • Deep omni-channel influencer profiles, from retailer affinities to ability to target based on audience demographics, from HHIs to geo-specific
  • Deep campaign insights and analytics to optimize for ongoing programs
  • Comprehensive tools for influencer management: messaging, draft approvals, FTC compliance check, and payment integration


Website – Click Here

Email: Advertising@Bloglovin.com 



Collabor8 Logo Final


Collabor8 is the “Tinder” of influencer marketing, and was the first mobile app to offer one on one collaborations (collabs) between brands and influencers. It allows instant access to thousands of brands and influencers across the world who are eager to collaborate and promote products or services.

Key Points

  • Collabor8 allows influencers and brands of all sizes onto the platform. We feel that everyone has the ability to offer influencer value whether it be a large fan base, unique distribution channels, or amazing content creation capabilities.
  • Collabor8’s powerful filter settings allow you to pinpoint desired matches by geographic location, follower count, gender, category, and industry. Filters can also allow you to limit those who can request to Collabor8 with you (i.e. They must have 20,000 followers to be able to request a collab with you).
  • Direct communication via in-app chat between mutually accepted collabs. Guided access to complete collab steps which include establishing posting dates, pay rates, any important details, processing of secure payments, and the ability to leave reviews.
  • FREE to join the platform and collaborate with everyone. Additional functionality (analytics, Brand to Brand collabs, features, etc.) is optional for a small member fee.
  • Secure payments are fully protected. All payments are held in escrow until the influencer has completed the agreed upon task, and it has been verified by the brand. We then release payment to influencer.


Download Here 

Considerable Influence (CI)


Considerable Influence (CI) is a self-serve platform that commercially connects engaged Influencers with top Agencies & Brands who want to connect, create and share content.
CI was built as a spin-off business from a Content and Digital marketing agency to streamline internal, real-world procedures. Aimed at bloggers Agencies and Brands come to CI on a PAYG basis. They can upload a campaign, with a single payment and manage the recruitment, comms and approvals all on the platform. CI will make all the micro-payments once work is accepted quickly allowing marketers to focus on the campaign and not the admin.

Already being used by agencies and brands like Bookatable, dealchecker, SESOME, Left Over Currency, Emirates Holidays.

Key Points

  • Agencies & Brands can save time and money by having a ready community of commitment influencers ready to go. No more db maintenance and endless outreach emails.
  • Agencies & Brands can reduce cost using our PAYG pricing model. Just a % of the campaign. No retainers or subscriptions.
  • Influencers are motivated, as they keep 100% of the fee agreed and are paid within 3 days of their work being accepted.
  • Agencies & Brands can sort, refine and invite Influencers to a campaign OR wait for Influencers to apply.
  • Agencies & Brands make a single campaign payment, CI handles all the Influencer payments.


Website: https://considerableinfluence.com
Email: hello@considerableinfluence.com





HYPR’s influencer marketing platform is the only platform to provide audience analytics for every influencer in the world. It is the world’s largest influencer discovery and directory tool, housing detailed audience demographics as well as reach, engagement and amplification figures, for over 10 million influencers globally.

Utilizing over 35 databases including publicly available information from social networks, public databases, name databases, image recognition technology and natural language processing, HYPR’s platform is the only platform capable of indexing over one billion social media accounts.

HYPR provides you with the information you need to make the right marketing decisions for maximum ROI.

Key Points

  • Largest Influencer discovery tool and search engine in the world – comprised of 10 million influencers currently.
  • Talent agnostic – HYPR has no affiliation to talent or talent representation. Our fiduciary obligation is to the client, not the talent. HYPR represents ZERO influencers.
  • We provide aggregated real time social analytics across all social platforms – such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest.
  • We facilitate outreach by providing Influencer contact information.
  • Our staff have 10+ years experience in procurement and activation.


Website: https://hyprbrands.com/
Email: info@hyprbrands.com




InfluencerDB helps you navigate through the complex influencer marketing universe. Our data-driven software for influencer research and analytics takes the guesswork out of your marketing efforts – influencer marketing will no longer be the unpredictable Wild West of the marketing world!

With InfluencerDB, you can find and analyze Instagram influencers and their audiences, organize all your influencer relations in one tool and monitor all postings from influencers mentioning you or your competitors. Find all necessary data in one place, accessible for every team member. Using transparent and scientifically generated data on every influencer worldwide, InfluencerDB helps you improve your budget allocations.

Key Points

  • Extensive research databank lets you filter by KPIs, languages used, locations and topics
  • Scientific data on every influencer worldwide ensures a precise target group analysis and selection of high-quality influencers against fraudulent ones
  • Our influencer monitoring tracks all your photo and text mentions as well as hashtags used, allowing you to scale up your influencer marketing reporting.
  • Our all-in-one software assembles all data in one place. Organize all your contacts and campaigns with our My Network feature and keep every team member in the loop.
  • Software-based processes help improve your daily tasks and scale your influencer marketing efforts.
  • In our education section, we share our knowledge of influencer marketing and help you understand everything you need to know. This includes proper KPIs, various new strategies, tactics used and showing you how to monitor the mentions of your channels along with those of your competitors.


Website: http://www.influencerdb.net

Blog: http://www.influencerdb.net/blog

Email: Robert.Levenhagen@influencerdb.com




Julius enables access to over 55,000+ detailed influencer profiles along with streamlined campaign management functionalities to help subscribers organize campaigns from the research stage to execution.

Key Points

  • We provide easy identification of influencers that are organic to campaign needs
  • Each influencers’ page consists of a complete overview of their audience
  • Subscribers have access to a customer success manager to help with any questions/briefs
  • We have a vast range of influencers, from high-profile celebrities to micro-influencers
  • We provide insights spanning an influencer’s content style, interests, and current and past brand work.


Email: sales@juliusworks.com

Website: www.juliusworks.com




KashKlik is a fully-automated Influencer Marketing Platform. KashKlik brings together a community of advertisers and influencers.

KashKlik allows advertisers to create marketing campaigns and pay per click. Advertisers can track the performance of their campaigns with concrete metrics, so that they only pay for real engagement.

KashKlik allows influencers to get paid for each follower who clicks in a link they are promoting. The bigger the influencers’ audience and the higher the engagement they are able to generate, the more they will get paid for.

KashKlik’s platform provides the most effective way to exploit the potential of Influencer Marketing, with easily measurable ROI.

Key Points

  • KashKlik is fully-automated, eliminating the need for individual negotiation between the advertiser and the influencers.
  • KashKlik adopts a pay-per-click model, which allows the advertiser to track concrete performance metrics and pay only for real results.
  • KashKlik uses advanced Machine Learning algorithms in order to build a rich influencer profile, including topics of interest and engagement scores.
  • KashKlik allows very precise targeting, in which influencers can be selected based on the interests of their audience and their level of engagement.
  • KashKlik focuses on the long tail of micro-influencers, it enables advertisers to work simultaneously with hundreds of small influencers.


Website: http://kashklik.com

Email: info@kashklik.com



Logo alta resolucion (1)


Kasitoko is a white label and free influencer marketing technology to create, measure, growth and automatize your influencer marketing campaigns.

Key Points

  • Automatic publication: forecast the campaign’s posts across social media by deciding what and when to publish at exact time and moment.
  • Automatic reporting in real-time: monitor and obtain real insights of your campaign from the scratch.
  • Free and white label technology: Yes and yes, it’s free no weird fees or upgrading offers. The technology includes a dashboard for the network and customized mobile apps with your brand name and logo available in Apple and Android markets. Just tell us, and you will be served!
  • Influencers app: The influencers will have your app, where they will receive campaign proposals on your behalf and also be able to create, at anytime anywhere, the content based on the instructions you previously sent. Peace of cake!
  • Content moderation: Nothing is going to be published automatically without your review. You can check each influencer’s post and decide if accept or reject it.


Website: www.kasitoko.com
Email: hello@kasitoko.com




Search: Create hyper targeted influencer lists in seconds. Search over 2M influencers based on audience profile, social following, size, audience demographics, content type and more. Search page includes the full contact information and detailed demographics for each influencer, along with related handles, impressions, engagement rate and more.

NeoReach offers the ability to export the full demographics on influencers, along with profile details and target audience match.

Manage: Influencer CRM to manage outreach, coordination and contracting of influencers. Re-engage with the best performing influencers we have worked with you, track their performance and history over time. Store notes, contact information, posts, campaign information and more in an easy to use management workflow.

Track: Full end-to-end campaign tracking and analytics. Provides ability to track engagement of each piece of content and gain insights on its performance, track top influencers, share of content and content growth. Gain insights to determine what audience is being targeted by channel, category and demographics – age gender, income level, city and country, psychographics, interests, relationships, etc after the campaign.

Key Points

  • Find influencers based on Brand Affinity
  • Analyze campaigns based on earned media value to make a direct comparison to paid
  • Team sharing and access features
  • Build your own internal network of influencers
  • Streamlined workflow gives full transparency across all campaigns.


Website – Click Here

Email: team@neoreach.com 




Obviously creates influencer networks and campaigns for Fortune 100 brands, and startups alike. Our tech provides identification, outreach, logistics management, and relationship-building tools so you can scale the number of influencers you work with effortlessly.

Key Points

In the words of our clients:

  • “Your platform makes building relationships with influencers easy”
  • “I’m looking for something more organic, more grassroots than celebrities can provide”
  • “With Obvious.ly I can work with 100 influencers in the time it usually takes me to work with 1”
  • “Before I used Obvious.ly, I was doing it all self serve. I’ll never go back!”
  • “Its great that you deliver insights into the influencer’s audience”


Website: http://obvious.ly

Email: sales@obvious.ly





Onalytica provide Influencer Relationship Management software and supporting professional services for brands to identify and engage with social media influencers.

  •  DISCOVER the influencers that are relevant to your brand and topics of interest
  • MAP your influencer community to understand the top influencers and the key connectors linking them together
  • LISTEN to what they’re saying and the content they’re pushing out, and then use these insights to tailor your content and messaging
  • ENGAGE with the relevant influencers with timely contextual conversations to build genuine, long-lasting relationships.
  • MEASURE the impact of your influencer relations activity on sales, brand awareness & perception.

Key Points

End-to-End Influencer Marketing Solution

Only SaaS platform to provide Consultancy-led Influencer Discovery, Relationship Management and Insights & Measurement Reporting

World’s leading Influencer Relationship Management Platform

We were 1st to market providing Influencer Relationship Management solutions since 2009. Our platform is designed to inform you how to best engage with influencers and surface daily engagement opportunities through technology so that you can scale engagement with many influencers.

4 Ways to Discover Social Media Influencers

We uniquely allow our customers to search for relevant influencers through a topic, content, category or demographic search. This method allows you to surface any type of influencers for your use case.

Academic Based Methodology to Rank Influencers

We have the most sophisticated and credible methodology to rank influencers. We use the 4 Rs of Influence: REACH (Popularity), RELEVANCE (Activity), RESONANCE (Engagement), REFERENCE (Authority)

Experience and Expertise

We have run 1000+ influencer programs since 2009 for global brands, leading agencies, non-profits and SMBs / SMEs so we are confident we can help you drive successful engagement!


Website – http://www.onalytica.com 

Contact – info@onalytica.com




Reelio is the only end-to-end influencer marketing platform that combines powerful data-driven technology with award-winning campaign execution.

Key Points

The Right Talent

Finding influencers, let alone working with working with them, is a challenge even the largest brands face. Reelio recommends influencers based on their performance data, audience data and more, so you partner with the best talent for your brand.

Track ROI

Historical performance data empowers marketers to deliver high-performance campaigns that drive ROI. Taking it a step further, Reelio’s pricing tool ensures efficient spend. Additionally, dedicated specialists constantly analyze your content, giving actionable insights along the way.

Manage & Scale

Get real transparency & accountability with a 24/7 view into your campaign on the Reelio Platform. You don’t have to wonder about your results, or waste hours manually tracking every piece of content.

Brands that trust Reelio to deliver

Google – Visa – Clinique – Verizon – Ulta Beauty – Target – Herbal Essences – Jamba Juice – Audible – ThredUp – Anki + hundreds more


  • All-in-One Platform + Award-Winning Execution
  • Performance Guaranteed
  • Search, FTC compliance, Messaging, Content Review, In-depth Reporting and more


Platform – Run Influencer Marketing Yourself
Execution – Let Reelio Run Influencer Marketing For You
Agencies & Publishers



Revfluence is a software solution for brands looking to build influencer relationships and content at significant scale. The platform has four components: 1) a searchable database with 500,000 influencers 2) CRM software to coordinate with hundreds of influencers 3) an analytics dashboard to track performance per influencer/content by things like sales, followers driven and engagement 4) a content library where you can export assets and track results of pictures & videos in other places like Facebook and Instagram ads.  Unlike many other solutions, they don’t take a percentage of any payments and relationships are direct with each person.

Key Points

  • Largest database of influencers in the world (500,000+)
  • Powerful influencer relationship management system to help brands manage influencer programs at scale without the need for an agency
  • Doesn’t take a cut of payments


Website – Click Here
Email: sales@revfluence.com



Scrunch is a data-driven influencer marketing platform that allows brands and agencies to discover influential bloggers and social media influencers, and manage influencer marketing campaigns from end-to-end. Scrunch has one of the world’s largest influencer databases with over 20 million profiles and billions of posts to preview.

Key Points

  • 20+ million social media profiles
  • Hundreds of topic areas
  • No annual contracts or complicated plans
  • Around the clock customer support
  • $99 per month for unlimited access

More Information

Scrunch Home Page
Influencer Marketing Blog
Sign Up

Social Seeder

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 18.27.19Profile

A combo: Technology + Inspiration + Heroic Support + Smile, to empower the voice of all Ambassadors. Social Seeder is an all-in-one solution to run referral, affiliate, influencer marketing, and advocacy programs using one single platform.

An intuitive online tool for organisations who wants to easily recruit and activate ambassadors while engaging with them and harvesting exponential impact on digital media.

Key Points

  • Super Easy for both the user and the ambassador/influencer
  • A tool that can runs any type of influencer marketing programs: advocacy, influencer, micro-influencers , brand ambassadors
  • Up and running super quickly
  • Including a part that is ARM focused (Ambassador Relationship Management)
  • Focus on organic & hyper credible reach


Website: www.socialseeder.com
Email: info@socialseeder.com


Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 19.49.40


Sportskred is a self-serve digital platform for marketers (brands and media agents) to easily discover, select, and engage in transactions with amazing athletes, to work on social media influencer marketing campaigns.

With Sportskred, marketers can save time and money, reach their target audiences with social media analytics, reach large audiences by working with multiple athletes, and measure the overall impact and results of their campaigns once they are finished.

Also, brands can choose to receive original endorsement/sponsorship proposals from influential athletes, who are highly engaged with their audiences and know how to create content for them.

Key Points

  • Sportskred is focused on athletes and sports influencers. Because sports drive excitement, passion, and emotion, by working with sports influencers, marketers benefit from higher levels of engagement from their audience.
  • Sportskred is not only a discovery tool, it is an all-in-one solution that allows transactions to take place within the platform in a matter of few minutes.
  • With Sportskred, marketers can reach their target audience, by using social media analytics to identify and select the right athletes for each brand.
  • With Sportskred, marketers can reach wide audiences, by easily aggregating multiple athletes to work on a single campaign.
  • Sportskred is FREE to use for all profiles. Exclusive functionalities are available for paying members.


Website: www.sportskred.com
Email: team@sportskred.com




Traackr builds IRM technology that enables brands to effectively manage, measure and scale influencer strategies, while maintaining authenticity. This gives CMOs and their teams the ability to align influencers along the customer journey, impacting buying decisions at each moment-of-truth with trustworthy touch points. Traackr’s SaaS platform powers leading influencer programs for B2B and B2C global enterprises such as L’Oréal, The Coca Cola Company, Samsung, Microsoft, Intel, SAP, Orange, USAA, Merck, Roche and Capital One. Traackr is an international company with offices in San Francisco, Boston, New York, Paris and London, conducting business in 11 languages and customers in 38 countries.

Key Points

  • Cross-platform search based on social conversations ranked on relevance, resonance and reach, and access to a 360-degree view of the influencer’s full online footprint to identify the right influencers.
  • Tracking of the influencers content across platforms to provide engagement opportunities and trending content feature to understand what resonates with the audience and help develop impactful content plans.
  • One-system record for contact details, brand communication history, ownership and status of the relationship etc. to support long term management and foster team collaboration across multiple brands and geographies.
  • Real-time monitoring of mentions, engagements and potential reach together with rich engagement data at influencer, post and platform level to quantify relationships value and make data–driven investment decisions.
  • With its complete influencer marketing workflow, robust data set and global capabilities, Traackr’s platform enables clients to manage, expand, validate, and scale global influencer marketing while maintaining authenticity to generate success.


Website: www.traackr.com

Email: info@traackr.com



“Upfluence Software allows brands to connect with their influencers in minutes.”

Key Points

  • All-in-one platform for influencer marketing campaigns:
  • Ultra-precise search engine with 20+ criterias
  • Full influencers profiles with publications performances
  • In-soft tool to contact influencers at scale Campaigns creation & management


On request

Website – Click Here
Email: sales@upfluence.com


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