A few months ago I was approached by Tim Williams, CEO of Onalytica. He wanted to gather industry experts to tackle a problem that he believed was lacking a lot of coverage and needed a lot of education in the influencer marketing space: Influencer Relationship Management.

After some months of meetings, discussions, long emails and telephone calls with a team of co-authors: Tim Williams (Onalytica), Philip Brown (Come Round), Luke Brynley-Jones (OST Agency) and myself (ojawilliams.com). I am really excited to announce the release of a new white paper that tackles every element of Influencer Relationship Management:

The Definitive Guide to Influencer Relationship Management 

This guide is the perfect read for those that are involved in any element of influencer marketing, whether agency or brand side marketers. It gives definitive advice and frameworks to proactively and positively leverage ongoing relationships with key influencers for your brand.

We really want this guide to help the industry establish best practices and make sure we are all moving forward to make influencer marketing even more substantial and beneficial to brands.

Not only have we tapped into the expertise of the small group of experts, but we have also gathered key contributions from legends of business and marketing including:

  • Lee Odden,
  • Dave Chaffey,
  • Tim Hughes,
  • Spiros Margaris,
  • Jim Marous,
  • Konnie Alex-Brown,
  • Joan O’Connor,
  • Bryan Kramer,
  • Tim McLoughlin,
  • Angela Lipscomb,
  • Jason Miller,
  • Joe Martin.


You can download the full white paper for free by clicking here. 



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