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InfluencerDB helps you navigate through the complex influencer marketing universe. Our data-driven software for influencer research and analytics takes the guesswork out of your marketing efforts – influencer marketing will no longer be the unpredictable Wild West of the marketing world!

With InfluencerDB, you can find and analyze Instagram influencers and their audiences, organize all your influencer relations in one tool and monitor all postings from influencers mentioning you or your competitors. Find all necessary data in one place, accessible for every team member. Using transparent and scientifically generated data on every influencer worldwide, InfluencerDB helps you improve your budget allocations.

Key Points

  • Extensive research databank lets you filter by KPIs, languages used, locations and topics
  • Scientific data on every influencer worldwide ensures a precise target group analysis and selection of high-quality influencers against fraudulent ones
  • Our influencer monitoring tracks all your photo and text mentions as well as hashtags used, allowing you to scale up your influencer marketing reporting.
  • Our all-in-one software assembles all data in one place. Organize all your contacts and campaigns with our My Network feature and keep every team member in the loop.
  • Software-based processes help improve your daily tasks and scale your influencer marketing efforts.
  • In our education section, we share our knowledge of influencer marketing and help you understand everything you need to know. This includes proper KPIs, various new strategies, tactics used and showing you how to monitor the mentions of your channels along with those of your competitors.





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