Look, don’t get me wrong. I LOVE the iPhone. There is every possibility that I will end up getting the iPhone X, but with my contract having just come to an end and a vast price tag of £999 (entry level), it has had me wondering what else I could do with the money if I just kept my old phone.

So, just for fun, I did a little research into other things I could do:

1. Buy 10 Pairs of Nike Dunks

Nike Dunk

Probably my all-time go-to favorite trainer. I’d get two pairs of each colour and just walk around mix-matching them as a sort of statement that I am a sneaker fiend – who chose the sneaker life over an iPhone X.

2. Buy 11 Bottles of Penderyn Rich Oak Whisky


My tipple of choice is the Penderyn Single Malt Welsh Whisky Medeira, but retailing at around a measly £42 a bottle, I’d probably fuck that off and go for 11 bottles of the special edition Penderyn Rich Oak Whisky instead – because I am a classy dude.

I’d drink it with a fine cigar and whilst playing Snake II on an old school Nokia 3310.

3. Buy 2 Pairs of Grenson Hanbury Shoes


I realise there is a little bit of a shoe theme to this list…but I like them and I’ve got £999 to spend…so get over it! I have a bit of an obsession with monk strap shoes, and these from Grenson are one of the best pairs around.

4. Eat 999 Bags of Cadbury’s Giant Chocolate Buttons



Guilty pleasure. I’d probably eat them all at once and die.

5. Go on 5 Luxury Hot Air Balloon Rides


Always fancied it. I would take some awesome photos on my  iPhone X  camera.

6. Buy a (Second Hand) Omega Seamaster Watch



Ok…this is cheating as it actually comes out at about £25 over budget, although I am sure you could pick one up at £999 in the right place.

Watches have become the ultimate obsolete luxury item for men…but you never see James Bond quickly checking the time on his iPhone do you?

7. Drink 384 Flat Whites from Starbucks


I have a problem with coffee…well by a problem I mean an endless love affair. Personally, I prefer to go to independent coffee shops, but for the sake of the article, I have gone with the £2.60 price of the Starbucks flat white. One for every day of the year (and a few left over for those particularly tough days).

8. Go Skydiving in Dubai (Twice)


Since my friend did this earlier in the year I have been dreaming about giving it a go – it looks awesome.

9. Get 5 Hours of Flying Lessons


Every year I work for the family business at a local food and flying festival. Every year I swear I am going to learn to fly. Lessons and getting your pilots licence certainly doesnt come cheap, but the £999 should help.

10. Invest it

Personally I think long-term and am risk-averse when it comes to investing. But investing £999 is probably one of the best ways I can think of spending the cash. I mean realistically will £999 buy me anything significant and life-changing in today’s market? Probably not. But investing it will take me that one step closer to financial security – arent I sensible?!

Considering this, investing doesn’t actually have to be into risky stocks & shares. What about investing the £999 into a course to improve your personal or professional life? How about a local woodwork course or a course on the latest marketing trend?

Equally, why not invest it in others? Use the money to take your friends or family out for a meal or treat and spend some quality time together. Put down the iPhone and take the opportunity to actually chat to those that matter most and really find out what is going on in their lives.

What would you do with the £999?

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