Going slightly off the usual topic of this blog, but sticking with business and marketing. I want to discuss something I have noticed during my time in sales and marketing and especially when acting as an external consultant, agency etc for others businesses. And gosh darn it frustrates me!

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This is a fundamentally toxic mind set that has been the result of some of the worst marketing and business representation I have ever seen. This is especially true and prominent when it comes to small and start up businesses. So what is it?

When people believe that their customers or potential customers already know and give two shits about your business. 

I have seen this both create major fuck ups such as huge spends on campaigns that generate zero ROI because they completely miss both the touch points and message that would get through to the customer. Right through to minor but slightly awkward sales presentations where internally accepted acronyms are used to try and sell to a customer who frankly ain’t got a clue what you are talking about.

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One of my favourite examples of this was when a friend came to me in distress that no one, or at least no one relevant was applying for a role at the major engineering business he worked at…and they needed someone quick. It took me all about thirty seconds to scan the job description to spot the major error. The business had affectionally named a common internal piece of software, let’s call it ‘Alan’…i’m still not sure why, but i’m sure there is a good reason. The job description read something like this:

Role: Alan Administrator 

Description: We are looking for someone who is competent in Alan… Has knowledge and previous experience with Alan… Will be expected to occasionally fix issues with Alan on the weekend if any occur.

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To my friend and his colleagues this made absolute and perfect sense. I can only image that those that did apply were either internal or actually had a friend called Alan who was a bit of a liability so were familiar with the issues highlighted in the job description.

When dealing with any external communications whether that is job advertising, marketing, sales or even talking to your mates it is going to save you a lot of embarrassment and potentially lost sales if you put yourselves into their shoes. It’s basic and something we all too often see go wrong.

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