The Instagram Playbook (FREE)



You have probably heard that getting your business on Instagram is a no-brainer. But spend a little time on the platform and you will see a host of half-hearted and even abandoned Instagram accounts built for businesses. Not only is this a huge amount of wasted resource but can also reflect very badly on your business with poor representation online.

In this ebook we cover the very basics of starting your business Instagram. Getting the foundations right means you can build a strong and engaged following on the platform, which you can leverage over time to achieve your business goals. We cover the following areas:

  • Why Instagram can be great for your business
  • How Instagram can be used to reach your business goals
  • The basics of setting up your Instagram account
  • The basics of getting your posts on point
  • What to do once you have everything in place

The book has been created with the busy business owner in mind, with all sections being concise, actionable and to the point.

The is ebook is completely FREE to download. Just add it to your cart and check out with your details.


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