Why do marketers reach out directly to influencers? Great question from Michel Herszak on the Micro-Influencer Marketing Group on LinkedIn…

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This is an interesting question and one that is often pondered, especially by those that work for influencer marketing SaaS providers or agencies…why do marketers still reach out directly to influencers instead of using the plethora of tools available to them?

We had some great chat about this on the LinkedIn group and although there are many scenarios as to why this is happening, fundamentally each primarily boils down to one thing…


The first scenario in which a marketer may not be using tools or agencies to support them in selecting and working with influencers is the fact that they simply do not know what solutions are available for them to do this. This is usually common place in the very early days as a marketer will hear about influencer marketing in industry media, but may not have access or perhaps even interest in understanding what is out there to support them. As this category has grown exponentially in the past few years, it is unlikely that markets now have no idea about the fact that tools are available, but instead may have limited knowledge of the benefits of those solutions over manually undertaking influencer marketing.

The second and now more common scenario is that all important word to marketers: budget! It is easy to be fooled into thinking that going it alone with influencer marketing is going to save you a whole bunch of cash on SaaS or consultancy. Yet in this scenario it is often not considered that a significant amount of marketers time can be saved as a result of careful selection of support. Not only this, but with an expert knowledge of influencer marketing industry specialists can significantly increase ROI.

The third reason to consider is that influencer marketing is still in the early days of its adoption by brands. This means that the benefits and ROI is rarely fully understood within an organisation. This leads marketers to a position of ‘testing the water’ over immediately investing in services to support their activity in this space. This is something that is likely to change slowly over time as marketers become more aware of the benefits, but is also the responsibility of the service providers to educate marketers and share insight into the power of influencer marketing.

Kamiu Lee, VP of Business Development and Strategy at Bloglovin’ highlighted that those that have ‘tested the water’ often make for the best informed and easiest to work with clients:

“We actually find that the folks that have already been working with influencers directly to be our best clients — they have gone through each step of an influencer program manually and understand the time and cost associated.”

Why do you think marketers still reach our directly to influencers? It would be great to here your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  • Adrian says:

    I have an SEO and content marketing agency and have stopped reaching out to influencers and asking them to take the latest pieces of ‘amazing content’ a few years back. I think it is simply momentum within the industry.

    For years (and even read some this morning) from the SEO community that it is easy to email people and you get amazing and magical results. It is the myth that people have been saying for years and they haven’t updated yet. Influencers have matured and know they have value, but many agencies and inhouse marketers have invested in content and have no remaining budget, nor experience to manage a true collaboration.

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