Takumi is an industry leading Influencer Marketing platform that makes it effortless for brands to work at scale on Instagram campaigns. Historically, working with a large number of Influencers has proven resource intensive and time-consuming. With Takumi providing pre-vetted and premium Influencers, brands can create authentic content that perfectly resonates with the Influencers audience.

Since launching in 2015 Takumi has become the most active dedicated Instagram Influencer platform. The platform has already created 20,000+ pieces of content, completed 1750+ campaigns and worked with 600+ brands. As experts in the field, Takumi provides a fully managed service which results in original branded images on Instagram and high-quality creative that can be repurposed across other marketing channels.

Key Points

  • Takumi only works with the highest quality influencers who go through a strict vetting process to ensure the most authentic and successful campaigns for brands.
  • We deliver authentic, engaging content to a variety of audiences easily, and at scale for brands.
  • We work with three tiers of influencer to find the best fit for brands and their campaigns: Micro influencers, who have between 1,000 and 20,000 followers, influencers, who have a following of 20,000 – 200,000, and larger influencers, who have over 200,000 followers.
  • We know how to set up and execute a successful campaign. We take care of writing briefs, influencer vetting, management, and licensing – ┬ánot just search and reporting. High-quality brief-writing is left to our in-house experts, who have written over 1700 briefs in total.
  • Beyond the campaign itself, there are additional benefits to this high-quality approach. Brands have full digital rights to use all of the images, meaning they can be used natively on their own social channels, website, online ads or newsletter. It offers them cost-effective and authentic asset generation.


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