As promised, every now and then I will be bringing you the best around influencer, content and social marketing on the interweb.

This week we have a line up from key influencers/leaders in the spaces of SEO, influencer marketing and take a look at  a couple of epic f*ck ups on Instagram.

The Influencer Marketing Shit Show Continues

We kicked off the first curated articles post with the first swear word fuelled article from Philip Brown as featured on PR week. So, it only seems fitting that we kick off this one with the second in the series from Philip.


Influencer Marketing Gone Wrong – Why Sunny Co Clothing and Fyre Festival Missed the Point 

I posted my thoughts on the latest insta-scam from Sunny Co and why it was an epic screw up in my opinion, not least for the damage it is doing to the Instagram marketing industry.

When I posted this piece on LinkedIn Mona Hellenkemper from InfluencerDB pitched in and shared her thoughts…helpfully bundled up with a look at why Fyre Festival ‘missed the point’.


Technical SEO: 3 Embarrassing Errors You Need to Check Right Now 

When interweb legend Sam Hurley sends you a link to his latest article AND a gif you know you need to read it. I am not going to lie, as Sam’s most technical post to date, a lot of this took some deeper reading for me to understand…but I have now taken it all on board and applied it to this site…really useful stuff.

I expect to be number one on Google when anyone searched ‘Influencer Marketing’ or ‘Awesome’ from now on Sam!


6 Things You Must Do Before You Ever Accept Guest Posts

Sam Hurley has been on fire!

Lets be honest, it is probably the highlight of his career to be featured in this list TWICE. Once for an article written by himself and one referral to this awesome article.

This came at exactly the right time for me, as I have just started to look for guest bloggers to feature on here on subjects around influencer, social and content marketing (ping me if you’re interested).



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