Bloglovin’ recently released their latest report on the state of influencer marketing entitled “We Asked, They Answered: How Marketers are Leveraging Influencer Marketing”. The report asks 100 marketers across a section of brands and agencies about how they are using and leveraging influencer marketing within their businesses.

The report has shown some great trends in marketers approach to influencer marketing. Notably Bloglovin’ found that 71% of marketers found that “Influencer Marketing is a great way for us to grow awareness on various social media platforms” and 61% found that “Influencer Marketing campaigns help me reach a more targeted audience”, these are encouraging trends as more marketers have started to understand the benefits and application of influencers in a socially driven society.

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This trend for the realisation of the benefits of influencer marketing is also highlighted in the report with 75% of marketers prioritisings the quality and authenticity of content as a factor for picking an influencer over the cost of influencers (56%) and aesthetics (53%). This shows well that marketers understand the power of influencers with their talents for content creation as apposed to factors such as cost.

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However, the report also shows how marketers still believe influencer marketing is in the early stages of adoption. This is shown with 59% of marketers surveyed still choose to reach out to influencers directly without using SaaS or agencies to engage and plan influencer marketing activities. We also see this in marketing spend, with 59% of marketers spending less than $10K on influencer marketing, or to put this into context 66% of marketers asked are allocating less than 10% of marketing budget into influencer marketing.

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Perhaps these figures seem worrying to those in the industry, but it is undeniable that influencer marketing is still in the early days adoption and is set to grow rapidly over the next few years. Figures in the report also highlight that 63% of marketers are set to increase their influencer marketing spend to some degree in 2017.

You can dive further into the report here:

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